Step 1: Registration

There are 2 possible methods to complete initial registration:

(a) Register Online
Your Tour Proposal site includes a Registration Form. Fill out that form and submit to complete your initial registration.

(b) Register via College Team Administrator (Offline) Some colleges require payments to go through their administration rather than passengers making payments direclty to us. In this instance the school send Quest Sports Travel a combined payment for all passengers. If so coaches can register everyone by sending an Excel spreadsheet with roster details.

Coaches can also still have passengers register online if desired. This method is preferred so we can communicate and send tour planning info to passengers directly, so taking much of the admin responsibility off the coach's shoulders.

Step 2: DocuSign

Upon receipt of your completed registration form we will send you a DocuSign. This document will be used for your to review and accept the Terms and Conditions and also select your payment method.

Step 3: Deposit

If you choose to pay by check the details on who to make it payable to and where to send it are included in the DocuSign.

If you choose to pay by ACH or Wire Transfer the bank details required are included in the DocuSign.

If you choose to pay by credit card we will process the deposit upon receipt of the DocuSign. Please note, many groups opt not to offer credit card payments due to the additional cost of processing fees.

The DocuSign and Deposit steps usually take 3-7 days, so please make sure you complete your initial registration form in time to be deposited - and so confirm your roster spot - by the due date listed in your Terms and Conditions.

Step 4: Installment Payments

All of our tour payment plans include a deposit and then equal installment payments distributed over the period between registration to 1 month before departure. All tour packages must be paid in full 1 month before departure.

For passengers paying by check, ACH or Wire Transfer we recommend automating payments using your online bill pay. This will allow you to program payments once when placing your initial deposit and not have to worry about making each installment individually.

For passengers paying by credit card we will program our credit card processor to automatically run the installment payments on the dates listed in your Terms and Conditions.

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