Though primarily an North American sport, there are corners of the globe that share your LAX passion. Wherever you travel you will be greeted with open arms as the locals are eager to test their wits against their sport’s creators.


For a refined Lacrosse Tour experience visit the UK and play on the  lusciously manicured fields of historic private schools in England. For top international competition travel to the sports mad culture of Australia which though a small nation excels in everything that it does. Finally, to be an Ambassador for the sport travel to emerging LAX destinations in Central Europe - Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

For more information please visit our dedicated Lacrosse website linked below:
  • Mielke, USYSA Region III
    We decided to make a family vacation out of our daughter’s soccer trip to Brazil with Region 3 GODP and it turned out to be one of the most incredible adventures.  We have a large family and became our own tour within a tour. By the end of the trip we made lifetime friendships with the people entrusted to take care of us.  We were constantly entertained, cared for and secure.  We traveled with 5 kids including a 4-year-old and he can attest (see profile pic) that a world of possibilities awaits. Happy Travels!!! 5 Stars!
    Greg Mielke
    USYSA Region III Girls ODP (Parent)
  • USYSA Region III
    My daughter had a fantastic time.  The reps Ari and Dario were awesome!  She talked about their great personalities and how much fun they were.  As a parent, I did not attend, but I very much appreciated and looked forward to the daily pictures and updates posted on the website and social media.  It was a real treat.  Thank you for the wonderful level of service your organization provided.
    Michael May
    USYSA Region III Girls ODP (Parent)
  • Tyler Dey, NJ Fire
    Our summer tour of Europe was the trip of a lifetime!  The boys had a experience they will never forget.  To see the boys in awe and poised with their cameras taking pictures on our trip through the Alps was something I know I won't forget.  The locations we visited were breathtaking, but I think it came as a surprise to the boys, how much they enjoyed meeting and socializing with the other teams.  Each team graciously welcomed the boys and made them feel at home.  Our extremely knowledgeable tour guide (Mary) was wonderful.  She kept the trip running like clockwork.  It was refreshing to put our schedule in her hands during the trip.  Our driver (Manfred) impressed all of us with his driving skills, especially on our trip through the winding roadways in Bellagio, Italy.  My son talked about this trip for weeks after, I am so glad we had the opportunity to go on this extrordinary trip
    Cindy & Tyler Day
    NJ Fire
  • David Soldatic, LIJSL PDP Parent
    Everything worked out as planned. Transportation, lodging, food and other logistics were excellent. This was Mark's fourth straight year with the PDP program and its summer tours and we have always been satisfied with the arrangements made by Quest Travel.
    David Soldatic
    LIJSL PDP (Parent)
  • William Scruggs, LIJSL PDP Parent
    Girls PDP England tour was exceptionally good!!  Well run, well organized!!  John ,the Tour Director, was amazing!!
    William Scruggs
    LIJSL PDP (Parent)
  • Jerry Elprin, JHU WS
    We had a great time on the tour to Venice, Croatia and Slovenia. Our Tour Manager, Bus Drive and the local tour guides were all excellent.
    Jerry Elprin
    Johns Hopkins University (Guest)
  • Montgomery Utd, PA
    We returned to the US from our England trip last night and I wanted to let you know how PLEASED we were with everything, from the process of piecing the tour together through the actual logistics of getting everything done and finally culminating with the trip last week.  We had a FANTASTIC time due to your hard work, great spirits and exceptional insight and selection of outstanding partners in England.  Our tour guide and bus driver were professional, delightful, entertaining, courteous and contributed immensely to making this an unforgettable experience, not only for the boys, but also for the parents and coaches.
    Fleming Pederson
    Montgomery United SC

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