Registration, Tour Admin & Payments

How to register? Payment Methods? Passport details? Visas?
1How do I register?
We use the Active Network registration server. Registration online requires a credit card and includes enrollment in an automated billing program. You can find the general registration link on our homepage: You will also be given a link that is unique to your tour at the same time your group leader distributes the proposed itinerary and Reservation Contract. Some institutions (e.g. Colleges, High Schools) choose not to register online. This allows them to use Purchase Orders and pay by check or ACH.
2Which package should I register for?
Often passengers are not sure if they will use the group flights or secure their own flights at the time of registration. We always recommend registering for Full Tour initially. It is much easier for us to hold an airline seat and release it later than it is to try and add more seats later in the process. As long as you confirm the switch to land only before the deadline in your Reservation Contract there will be no penalty for downgrading from Full Tour to Land Only.
3How do I pay?
If registering online you will be asked for a deposit at the time of registration. This can be paid by credit card or ACH. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Online registration enrolls you in an automated billing system. The payment method used for the deposit will be used for future payments. You can log in to your account at any time and change the stored. payment method. You can also log in at any time and make payments through that system (it doesn't have to be just on the due date). Alternatively, if you want to pay by check you can mail checks payable to Quest Sports Travel to 1853 William Street, Merrick, NY 11566. As long as the payment arrives by the next installment date it will be applied to the account and payment adjusted accordingly on the installment date.
4What if I have to cancel?
If you've taken the Travel Insurance option during registration you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund if it's a medical reason or bereavement cancellation. If you don't have the Travel Insurance, or just don't want to travel any more, cancellation penalties are per the Cancellation section at the bottom or Page 1 of your Reservation Contract. Each tour is unique and as such each has its own contract which lists all details of deposits, cancellation fees etc. Please refer to your group's contract for full details.
5Passport Details?
Group reservations allow us to hold blocks of seats without putting names on those seats for quite a while. The deadline to submit passport information is 30 days before departure. We usually try to submit about 60 days before departure though so will be in touch with everyone about 75 days before departure to collect passport details. Info needed is: Full name including middle name or initial if printed on the passport Date of birth Passport # Passport Country Officially passports take about 6 weeks to be delivered after the application appointment. It can often be quicker, but why take the chance? If you don't already have one please apply for your passport as soon as you confirm your place on the tour. It is each passenger's responsibility to ensure they have the required Travel Documents.
6Travel VISAs?
Some countries require VISAs for entry. If your destination is one of those we will advise as soon as the tour is confirmed. If you carry something other than a US Passport and have questions about VISA requirements please contact us immediately. It is each passenger's responsibility to ensure they have the required Travel Documents.
7Rooming Lists?
For institutional (College and High School) tours we will construct the rooming list with the Coaching Staff. For youth group tours we will construct the rooming list in conjunction with the group. We will generally place families together and room players traveling alone together. Often there isn't a perfect solution though so we will always be in touch to confirm room-mate arrangements or upgrade surcharges before finalizing the rooming lists with each hotel.

Airline and Flight Information

Airport arrival time? Baggage? Meals on flight? Deviations? And more....
1Does My Tour Price Include Airfare?
Yes, as a rule we always quote tour packages including airfare (unless a group leader asks for just a "Land Only" price). We will always be transparent and let you know the airfare cost, including both base price and taxes, within your package price. Airfare is only available for purchase 11 months before departure, so if quoting earlier than that we will give an estimate based on historical pricing and then update as soon as we have seats held.
2Can I purchase my own flights?
Yes, if you prefer to purchase independently you are welcome to do so. If you do you will then take our "Land Only" package, which is essentially the full tour price minus our airfare cost. Sometimes an individual can flnd flights cheaper than the group quote. However if every member of the group were to purchase separately their average cost would end up being significantly higher than the group quote.
3Can I use Miles to purchase my flight?
Mileage programs only allow you to redeem miles with the issuing entity (for instance AAdvantage Miles can only be redeemed with American Airlines, AMEX points can only be redeemed with American Express). So if you have points or miles to use you can secure airfare via those issuing entities. You would then take our Land Only package. Be careful with your miles though. Certain routes and dates don't have great value, so consider whether it's worth using hundreds of thousands of miles on the one flight, or paying to be part of the group reservation.
4Can I change my return and come home later than the group?
Yes, airlines allow you to "deviate" one leg from the group as long as you travel in one direction with everyone else and use the same routing. To do so they charge a small "deviation fee". Some may also change additional airfare costs depending on availability on the date you wish to return. If you want to travel somewhere else and come home from a different airport that can be done too, but the rules and pricing get complicated. If you are considering doing something different please contact us to talk it through. We can normally solve any problem
5What does the Land Only package include?
Everything apart from the airfare. One caveat - if you buy flights independently and arrive / depart at different times from the group, you may have to use public transport or private car hire to meet up with the group. In this case the answer would be everything apart from airfare and airport transfers.
6What class of service are the group flights and can I upgrade?
Group tickets are always sold in standard economy class. By rule they are not normally upgradeable. If you want to upgrade your seat you have to come off the group ticket and buy an individual ticket at the published price. Some airlines allow upgrades to Economy Plus (about 6-8" more leg room), but often only allow group members to do this once the initial tickets are paid in full. This normally occurs about 2 months before departure, so you won't know availability and accurate pricing until then
7Do I have to pay baggage fees?
We always recommend checking the airline's website for the latest, official baggage policies and will provide links to do so. In general though International flights generally include an allowance of 1 free checked bag up to 50 lbs and 1 free carry on. 2nd checked bags, or bags heavier than 50 lbs will incur baggage fees. A significant exception to this is Central America and the Caribbean. Flights here (including one of our most popular destinations Costa Rica) are often considered in the same bracket as domestic flights and so incur similar fees even on the first checked bag
8Does my flight include meals?
Most flights to Europe and South America include 2 meals. We always recommend eating in the departure lounge for better quality though! The airlines can honor dietary requests such as vegetarian, Kosher etc. Most airlines do not offer Gluten Free or Allergy Safe meals though, so if you have these issues please be sure to eat before departure and bring appropriate snacks with you

Hotels and Accomodation

Room types? Meals? Amenities?
1What hotel am I staying at?
Hotel information is provided to groups, often via Group Coordinators / Coaches, as soon as it is confirmed. We use 3 or 4* hotels that are normally part of large chains (e.g. Marriott, Holiday Inn, Barcelo, NH etc.) - so you know they are held to a consistent standard
2What type of room will I have?
Tours vary on whether the quote is based on 2 passengers or 3 passengers per room. Consult your proposed itinerary and Reservation Contract for confirmation. If 2 per room the arrangement will be 2 twin beds, or 1 queen bed. If 3 per room the arrangement will be 3 twin beds, or 1 queen bed + 1 twin bed. We try to avoid using fold out couches unless a customer specifically requests them to accommodate a larger family. All room have en suite bathrooms
3Can I upgrade my room?
As we are using mid-range hotels most do not have suite options. If you are interested in upgrading to a suite please contact us for more information
4What amenities can I expect?
We spend very little time at the hotel, so we're not looking for a luxury resort. Comfortable, clean, well appointed and well located are the primary concerns. We always look for properties with air conditioning (when climates require it) WIFI access and a common / social area (bar). We do not specifically look for pools or gyms, though it the property has them it's a nice bonus. Location is often the determining factor. It would be nice to be in the very center of big cities, but on a sports tour that's not always practical. Think about staying in Times Square and trying to get to a soccer field. You could lose half your day in traffic. So location has to balance access to sports as well as access to the sightseeing / cultural aspect of the tour.
5What meals are included?
We always include breakfast. This is buffet style and varies between "Continental" and traditional hot breakfast depending on the destination and hotel. Lunches are generally not included. Having an organized lunch breaks up the day and wastes too much valuable tour time. So lunch is "on the go". Dinners vary. Some groups want the ease of having all dinners included. Some want the flexibility to get out and discover the local area. This can be customized throughout the planning process.
6Can I travel with Food Allergies?
Yes, all our vendors are accustomed to providing options for a wide range of allergies. Allergy management should not be a reason to avoid travel. That being said given possible language and cultural challenges, allergists recommend carrying a translation card to ensure understanding. A popular and effective one is "Selectwisely"

General Info While On Tour

Money? Weather? Electricity? Communication?
1Should i use cash when on tour?
We always recommend using credit and debit cards whenever possible. They are safer than carrying cash and you will get a much exchange rate than the Bureau de Change stands in airports. As long as you card is linked to a major bank or credit agency (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) it will work internationally just the same way it does domestically. You just have to contact the card provider to activate it for international use for the period you are away. You can use ATM cards to take out cash when in your destination, but you should limit this to cash for small purchases (e.g. lunch) and use your cards for everything else. For children traveling without parents there are a wide variety of pre-paid cards available. Many of these can be monitored and refilled online if necessary. Contact your bank or credit card for more info.
2Can I do laundry while on tour?
The standard luggage allowance of 50 lbs should be more than enough so that you don't have to do laundry while on an average length tour. Most hotels offer laundry service but they tend to be extremely expensive. If teams need to launder uniforms the Tour Manager will work with the group to utilize a drop off / pick up service with a local laundromat. Time doesn't always allow that though (if moving from once city to another) and so sometimes rinsing socks in the bathroom sink is the only solution!
3How do I call home while on tour?
Each cell plan provider varies, so contact your provider for exact details. Most offer a temporary international plan though where you can reduce the per minute cost of calls for a few $ per month. Where possible though wait to make calls until you are on a WIFI network (e.g. back in the hotel) and then use free calling apps such as Facetime, WhatsAp, Viber etc. Whatever happens, unless you have a great international plan, turn off data roaming once you board the plane. If you leave it on your phone constantly connects to the network to download email etc and you will have an ugly bill once you get home.
4Should I bring my hair dryer and will it work?
All hotels have hair dryers in the room. For most these are adequate though they tend to be weaker than your regular one. If you really need your own hair dryer please bring it (try to coordinate with room mates to only bring 1 and so save luggage allowance), but be aware the voltage may be different in your destination. This will require both a current convertor and an outlet adaptor - otherwise your hairdryer will blow up! Such kits can be found on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc. If you are unsure please contact us for info on whether you need a convertor kit or not.
5What about my phone charger?
Most modern phone chargers can alternate between 120 (US) and 240 Volts. So you should be able to charge your phone or iPad without a convertor. We recommend taking a convertor and adaptor kit just in case though. Better to be safe than sorry.
6What will the weather be like and how should I pack?
It depends on where you are going and the time of year. Consult your favorite weather site or app for historical averages and long range forecasts. As a rule you won't need beach / swim gear unless it's stated in your itinerary. You also won't need formal wear unless specifically stated. Regardless of destination its always a good idea to pack a light rain jacket, personal umbrella and sweatshirt for evenings just in case - even in the Caribbean you might get caught in a quick shower and it's best to be prepared.

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