2023 Catholic University W Soccer

Germany & Austria

August 7th - 15th, 2023

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It is important to read this information and the associated tabs carefully. The Terms and Conditions include our Payment Policy, Cancellation Policy, Validity of Prices, Liability details and other important information

Additional Passengers Additional passengers (parents, siblings, relatives, friends etc.) are welcome (and encouraged) to join the tour at any time as long as seats are available on the airline’s group reservation. Any passengers joining the tour after the airline group reservation has been filled has deposited will be subject to airline costing on that date.

Airline Information Airlines reserve the right to increase their departure tax (based on airport fees / government security taxes) and fuel surcharges at any time. To maintain the quoted tour price it is essential that the payment installments are received on the stated dates. To minimize any increases Quest Sports Travel strongly recommends that the group ‘ticket’ all passengers as early as possible. ‘Ticketing’ requires payment in full to the airline. Once ticketed, airfare costs are non-refundable.

Departure City: The departure city for this tour will be Washington Dulles. At the time of quotation the amount included for group airfare and taxes is $1096. All efforts are made to secure the most direct and cost effective routing. Routing and cost implications will be discussed with tour leaders before publication of flight details. Flight details will be avialable in October 2022.

Airline Deposit: Airlines deposits become non-refundable by the airline 91 days+ prior to departure. To be included in the group airfare pricing registration is required before May 1, 2023. After that date passengers can still be added, but price will be based on purchase at applicable fare on that purchase date. It may also still be possible to be added to the group reservation after that date, but the airline reserves the right to increase pricing for late additions.

Land Only Passengers: If you do not live in the Washington Dulles area and would like to make your own flight arrangements from another airport, you can travel as a ‘Land Only’ passenger. In doing so, your tour price will be reduced by the exact cost of airfare and taxes. At the time of the quote, this land only tour price estimate is $1831 per person. If required, Quest Sports Travel can assist in securing airfare from your airport of choice. Likewise, if you opt to secure your own airfare using frequent flyer miles (see below) you will also travel on a ‘Land Only’ basis. If you are traveling “Land Only” you must inform Quest Sports Travel at least 91 days prior to departure so that your seat is released before it becomes payable in full and non-refundable.

Frequent Flyer Programs: Airlines do not accept frequent flier miles as payment for group airfare. If a traveler wishes to use frequent flier miles they must secure their own airfare and will pay Quest Sports Travel a ‘Land Only’ cost. No alterations will be made to the published itinerary to service individuals traveling separately from the main group.

Flight Deviations: Airline rules allow flight deviations for passengers on either the departure or the return legs of the group reservation, as long as the return is made from the same airport as the main group. Airlines charge a deviation fee to do so. The fee depends on the airline. Airlines may also limit the time pre/post tour of travel and may charge additional cost based on availability on date of travel

Hotel Deviations: If you are need hotel accommodation before the group arrival or after the group departure Quest Sports Travel can secure for you at the team hotels. Logistically this will be beneficial to you so you don't have to check in and out again of nearby hotels, or even the same hotel if you secure your own room that isn't linked to the group reservation. Pricing will be the exact price the hotel charges Quest.

Deviation Fee: Securing alternate flights or hotels involves additional work for Quest Sports Travel and sometimes creates difficulties with logistics if you do not arrive or depart at the same time as the group. Therefore, a deviation fee of $100 per passenger will be applied to any family using Quest Sports Travel to assist with alternative travel plans.

Laws This agreement is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the state of New York.

Local Laws: Passengers are required to abide by all local laws, including any customs and health & safety protocols. Any breach of this requirement may result in removal from the tour and passengers will be required to return home at their own expense. 

Liability Disclaimer (i) Quest Sports Travel reserves the right to amend any itinerary due to conditions beyond our control e.g changes in weather. Every reasonable effort is made not to delete a specified inclusion but to fulfill the conditions and terms for the best interests of all parties. (ii) Quest Sports Travel is not liable in any way for airline delays, cancellation, or loss of luggage. (iii) Quest Sports Travel is not liable in any way for any government action or prohibition restricting travel or causing a tour cancellation. (iv) Quest Sports Travel is not liable in any way for a force majeure event that prevents the fulfillment of obligations. (v) Individuals engaging in athletic activities and contests assume the risk of those activities and will not hold Quest Sports Travel liable for any injuries incurred.

Passports and Entry Visas Passports are required for international travel. Applications are available from the United States Post Office. Please allow at least 20 weeks for processing.

An entry visa is required for travel to some countries, including Australia and Brazil, by US citizens. Visa information can be obtained by contacting the Embassy of the specific country to be visited. Visa charges are not included in the quoted tour price and Quest Sports Travel is not responsible for securing a traveler’s entry visa.

Payment Method Quote prices assume payment by ACH, Zelle or check. Processing fees will be added at checkout if paying by credit card. Fees are 2.9% for VISA / MasterCard and 3.9% for American Express. Credit card processing fees are non-refundable in addition to any stated cancellation fees at the time of withdrawal from the tour.

Price Variance Tour prices vary based on the size of the group, rates of international currency exchange and airline departure taxes and fuel surcharges. Full details can be found under the "Price Quote" tab

Registration & Deposit Completed by submitting online form to Quest Sports Travel. Once you submit the online registration form Quest Sports Travel will forward a DocuSign to accept the Terms & Conditions and select your payment method. Upon receipt of the completed DocuSign, Quest Sports Travel will forward payment instructions if selecting check, Zelle or ACH/Wire Payments, or process deposits and set up recurring payments if selecting credit card payments. Deposits must be placed within 72 hours to confirm the player's roster spot.

Room Upgrades The tour price is based on Triple Bedded Rooms. Room upgrade surcharges will apply for twin and single bedded rooms. The exact US $ value of these room upgrades will be calculated on the same date as the Final Tour Price and added to your final installment payment.

Rooming List Final rooming Lists, including room upgrade requests and any specific dietary requirements are due by May 1st, 2023.

Travel Party Roster An accurate final travel party roster is due by May 1st 2023 for airline ticketing.  Quest Sports Travel strongly supplying the roster in advance of this airline deadline. Once tickets are issued they are non-refundable and non-transferable. Should a change be necessary after ticketing a new ticket must be issued and paid in full at the rate quoted at the time of new issue. If the final Travel Party Roster is not submitted by the aforementioned date the airline reserves the right to CANCEL the reserved seats.

Travel Protection (Insurance) Quest Sports Travel recommends travel protection to help protect you and your trip investment. The recommend package offered by Arch Roam Right and a link for quotation then purchase can be found on the Travel Insurance page of our website. Prior to purchase, you may request copy of the Description of Coverage which includes a summary of the plan details on benefits, coverages, limitations and exclusions. Please visit our website for more details

Waivers (a) Quest Sports Travel may use any statements, comments, photographs or photographic likenesses from the Trip for future advertising, promotional or news article materials.  QST must receive any objections to this from Customers prior to final payment. b) It is the responsibility of each Customer to obtain their own personal medical and travel insurance for their tour.

Terms and Conditions Summary Catholic University Women's Soccer will travel to Germany and Austria from August 7th- August 15th, 2023. This 9 day / 7 night tour has been developed by Quest Sports Travel and quoted on October 4th, 2022

Estimated Cost: 35 paying passengers = $2855 per person
Estimated Cost: 30 paying passengers = $2927 per person
Estimated Cost: 25 paying passengers = $3041 per person

Land only (no airfare) Pacakge = $1831 per person

This quotation is based on current land service and air travel prices. It is calculated based on the rate of international currency exchange on 10/04/22. It is based upon the estimated group size of paying passengers at 35. The quote price includes $1096 for airfare, airline taxes and fuel surcharges. 

Inclusions for your tour are listed on the proposal document. All Quest Sports Travel tours do not include the following items:

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharges above amount listed in quote above
  • Lunches and drinks (other than water) with meals
  • Room upgrades - this tour is based on triple room occupancy so surcharges will apply for twin and single bedded rooms
  • Gratuities for Tour Manager and Motor Coach Driver
  • Additional attractions or entry fees not specified in the Inclusions site

Payments will be distributed among 6 installments. The installment dates are structured to allow timely payment of vendor invoices. Late payments jeopardize the tour quotation. Payment plan is based on the 30 paying passenger quote price:

Payment Due Date Amount Due Per Person
Upon Registration $177
October 26th, 2022 $550
December 26th, 2022 $550
February 26th, 2023 $550
April 26th, 2023 $550
June 26th, 2023 $550

If you join the tour after the first installment date (October 26, 2022) your # of installments will be reduced, but amount per installment increased accordingly.

Quest Sports Travel will calculate and publish the Final Balance Invoice around June 12, 2023. Balances will be adjusted to reflect group size, rate of international currency exchange etc.

If you have additional fees for room upgrades, flight deviations etc. these will also be charged in the balance payment in June 2023.

Once you submit the online registration form, Quest Sports Travel will forward a payment contract by DocuSign. This document will acknowldge receipt and approval of the Terms and Conditions and will also be used to select your payment method.

Payable to Quest Sports Travel and mailed to 1853 William St, Merrick, NY 11566. This can be done with a traditional paper check or via online bill pay. Online bill pay is suggested as most banks allow you to schedule recurring payments so you can automate the installment process.

ACH or Wire Transfer
Using your online account access, add Quest Sports Travel as a payee. If possible, set up recurring payments to automate the monthly installments. Quest Sports Travel will provide routing and account # details upon completion and return of the DocuSign

Find our account using [email protected]

Credit Card
Enter your card details. Your deposit will be charged upon receipt of the completed DocuSign and your remaining installments will be enrolled in automatic payments per the payment schedule.

Please note, credit card payments have additional processing fees as follows:
VISA = 2.9%
MasterCard = 2.9%
AMEX = 3.9%

Should we need to process a refund these credit card fees are non-refundable in addition to any cancellation fees in effect at the time of withdrawal as they are not returned to us by the credit card companies 

Quest Sports Travel must fulfill responsibilities with vendors (e.g. airlines, hotels) in advance of the tour and is therefore only able to refund cancellations as follows (per person):

Cancel After But Before Penalty Per Person
  December 26th, 2022 NO PENALTY
December 25th, 2022 February 26th, 2023 $350
February 25th, 2023 April 26th, 2023 $750
April 25th, 2023 June 1st, 2023 $1250
May 31st, 2023   NO REFUND

All cancellations must be in writing (email) and received by Quest Sports Travel before the stated dates in order to receive the appropriate refund. Refund payments are made as quickly as vendor reimbursements allow.

Please note, if you purchase Travel Insurance whether through our recommended provider Travelex or independently, Insurance Premiums are also non refundable in addition to the penalty amounts listed above

Force Majeure - In the event Quest Sports Travel is unable to perform its obligations under the terms of this Agreement because of acts of God, pandemic or other causes reasonably beyond its control, Quest Sports Travel shall not be liable for damages beyond the amounts agreed in the cancellation policy from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes.

Travel Protection is recommended and available through Arch RoamRight Insurance. These policies include medical coverage while playing sport internationally (most policies become void if you are injured while playing) as well as allowing cancellation for medical issues or bereavement.

For more info on the policies offered please visit the Travel Insurance page of our website.

Monday 7th August, 2023
14:55 - arrive @ Washington Dulles Airport
17:45 - depart on BA 216 to London Heathrow Terminal 5

Tuesday 8th August, 2023
06:15 - arrive @ London Heathrow Terminal 5 and transfer gates
08:55 - depart on BA 950 to Munich
11:50 - arrive Munich Terminal 1
12:30 - meet Tour Manager Christropher Arh in Arrivals area
13:00 - transfer to check in to H2 Hotel Messe
15:30 - transfer to AM Sportpark 
16:00-17:30 - training with Catholic University coaching staff
18:00 - dinner at Club Restaurant Tassilo
19:30 - return to hotel

Wednesday 9th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
09:00 - depart for Salzburg
11:00 - walking tour of Salzburg with local guide
14:00 - cogwheel ride to Fotress Hohensalzburg
17:00 - depart for Bergheim
18:30-20:30 - Game #1 vs. FC Bergheim
20:30 - dinner at FC Bergheim Club Restaurant
21:30 - return to hotel

Thursday 10th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
08:30 - transfer to AM Sportpark 
09:00-10:30 - training with Catholic University coaching staff
10:45 - return to hotel to refresh
12:00 - transfer to lunch at Club Restaurant Tassilo
13:15 - treansfer to Allian Arena
14:00 - guided visit of FC Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena
15:45 - return to city center
16:30 - walking tour of Munich with local guide
18:30 - free time to explore Munich and have dinner on your own
21:00 - return to hotel

Friday 11th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
09:00 - transfer to Füssen 
11:30 - free time to explore Füssen and castle environs
13:25 - Neuschwanstein Castle guided visit
15:30 - transfer to Dießen
18:30-20:30 - Game #2 vs. MTV Dießen
20:30 - dinner at MTV Dießen Club Restaurant
21:30 - return to hotel

Saturday 12th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
08:30 - check out and transfer to Dachau 
09:00 - Dachau WWII Memorial visit
12:00 - transfer to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
15:00 - sightseeign in Rothenburg ob der Tauber with Tour Manager assistance
17:00 - continue to Schriescheim to check in to Hotel Scheid
20:00 - dinner at Hotel Scheid

Sunday 13th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
09:00 - transfer to Heidelberg
10:00 - walking tour of Heidelberg with local guide including addmission to Heidelberg Castle
12:30 - free time in Heidelberg
14:30 - transfer to St. Leon-Rot
16:30-18:30 - Game #3 vs. TSG Hoffenheim
19:00 - return to hotel
20:00 - dinner at Hotel Scheid

Monday 14th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
10:00 - transfer to Frankfurt
11:00 - walking tour of Frankfurt with local guide
13:00 - free time in Frankfurt (possible German Cup game)
17:00 - return to hotel
19:00 - dinner at Hotel Scheid

Tuesday 15th August, 2023
07:30 - buffet breakfast at hotel
09:30 - transfer to Frankfurt International Airport
14:35 - depart on BA 905 to London Heathrow International Airport
15:15 - arrive London Heathrow Terminal 5
17:15 - depart on BA 293 to Washington Dulles
20:25 - arrive Washington Dulles


07AUG: BA 216 departs Dulles @ 1755; arrives Heathrow @ 0615 (08AUG)
08AUG: BA 950 departs Heathrow @ 0855; arrives Munich @ 1150


15AUG: BA 905 departs Frankfurt @ 1435; arrives Heathrow @ 1525
15AUG: BA 293 departs Heathrow @ 1715; arrives Dulles @ 2025

Hotel accommodation will be in 3 * hotels. Selection requirements are proximity to sporting activities and sightseeing, cleanliness, comfort, amenities such as WIFI, and good breakfast / dinner / social time options.

August 8-11 = H2 Hotel Messe
August 12-14 = Hotel Scheid

Please note - per the Terms and Conditions, the quote price is based on triple bedded rooms (3 people sharing). Surcharges will apply to twin and single bedded rooms. These surcharges will be invoiced with your final installment payment.

(These surcharges are for the entire tour, not per night)

August 8: Practice with Catholic U WS coaching staff
August 9: Game #1 vs. F Bergheim
August 10: Practice with Catholic U WS coaching staff
August 10: Bayern Munich Allianz Arena Stadium Tour
August 11: Game #2 vs. MTV Dießen
August 12: Bundesliga Pro Game Ticket
August 13: Game #3 vs. TSG Hoffenheim

Quest Sports Travel NY Office: 516-270-2022
Quest Sports Travel 24 Hour Emergency: 516-972-0055

Quest Sports Travel Tour Manager: Christopher Ahr +43 660 1468 012

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