2019 LIJSL PDP 2006

PA Training Camp

July 16th - July 19th, 2019

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Price Variance Tour prices vary based on the size of the group. Full details can be found under the "Price Quote" tab

Registration Completed online at https://tri.ps/afbPn . Select the appropriate package from the drop down menu and proceed from there

Room Upgrades The tour price is based on dorm accommodation at Chestnut Hill College. No room upgrade options are available

Rooming List Final rooming Lists, including any specific dietary requirements are due by May 31st, 2019.

Travel Party Roster An accurate final travel party roster is due by May 31st, 2019

Travel Protection (Insurance) Quest Sports Travel recommends travel protection to help protect you and your trip investment. Prior to purchase, you may request copy of the Description of Coverage which includes a summary of the plan details on benefits, coverages, limitations and exclusions. Please visit our website for more details

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Terms and Conditions Summary LIJSL PDP 2006 will travel on the NJ / PA Training Camp from July 16rd - July 19st, 2019. This 4 day / 3 night tour has been developed by Quest Sports Travel and quoted on November 12th, 2018

Estimated Tour Cost 18 Players per gender = $645 per person

Estimated Tour Cost 15 Players per gender = $695 per person

Estimated Tour Cost 12 Players per gender = $753 per person

This quotation is based on current land service prices. It is based upon above stated number of paying players traveling. This estimated quotation will expire on November 30th, 2018

Inclusions for your tour are listed on the registration / booking site

This Quest Sports Travel tour does not include the following items:

  • Meals not stated on the inclusions section of the tour website
  • Beverages (other than water) with meals
  • Room upgrades or linens
  • Gratuities for Tour Manager and Motor Coach Driver
  • Additional attractions or entry fees not specified in the Inclusions site
  • Credit Card processing fees (Visa/MasterCard = 2.9%; AMEX = 3.9%)

Payments will be distributed among 4 installments. The installment dates are structured to allow timely payment of airline / land vendor invoices. Late payments jeopardize the tour quotation. Payment plan is based on the 15 player per quote price:

Initial Deposit = $150.00 per person due: November 30, 2018

Progress Payment 1 = $181.67 per person due: February 5, 2019

Progress Payment 2 = $181.67 per person due: April 9, 2019

Final Balance = To be announced due: June 11, 2019

Quest Sports Travel will calculate and publish the Final Balance Invoice on May 28, 2019.

Online registration enrolls the participant in our automated billing reminder program. Notices will be sent in advance of each installment date. Please make payments in a timely fashion. If you prefer paying by check please make your check payable to Quest Sports Travel and mail it to 1853 William Street, Merrick, NY 11566. Payment will be applied to your online account once processed internally

**Note - prices are based on ACH or check payment. Credit card payments are assessed processing fees at checkout. Fees are 2.9% for VISA and MasterCard and 3.9% for American Express.

Quest Sports Travel must fulfill responsibilities with vendors (e.g. airlines, hotels) in advance of the tour and is therefore able to refund cancellations as follows (per person):

$50.00 Admin fee = Cancel before 02/05/19

$100.00 penalty plus the cost of protection plan, if purchased = Cancel after 02/04/19 but before 04/09/19

$350.00 penalty plus the cost of protection plan, if purchased = Cancel after 04/08/19 but before 05/23/19

No refund = Cancel after 05/22/19

All cancellations must be in writing (email) and submitted to Quest Sports Travel before the stated dates in order to receive the appropriate refund. Refund payments are made as quickly as vendor reimbursements allow.

Travel Protection is recommended and available through Travelex Insurance. These policies include medical coverage while playing sport internationally (most policies become void if you are injured while playing) as well as allowing cancellation for medical issues or bereavement.

Plan Options 

360º Student Group Premier Plan = Youth Group plan requires a minimum of 10 group members and a ratio of 80% youths (under 25) to 20% adults. The Travel Protection cost for this plan is $36 per person. Only players traveling alone should select this option.

For more info on the policies offered please visit the Travel Insurance page of our website.

There will be parent meetings to discuss the tour and go through the itinerary in more detail on Monday, June 24th at 6.00pm next to the concession stand (both boys and girls parents will attend the meeting).

The meeting should last about 30 minutes. Please ensure at least one parent per playeris in attendance. Players need not attend.

If you are unable to make the meeting, please inform your parent administrator so you can get the information from them at a later date.

Please note the itinerary is always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. A great deal of work has been done to ensure we have the very best possible experience for the players and we don't anticipate any major deviations from this schedule. That said I will send out an updated version if the need arises.

If you have any questions please contact your administrator, or Wayne at Quest Sports Travel.

In addition to the parent meeting the traveling LIJSL PDP coaching staff, administrators/chaperones and Quest will be meeting separately to discuss the tour itinerary in great detail prior to departure, going through the various logistical information and any last minute changes etc. Any additional information will be distributed via Email if necessary.


Please be at Soccer Park on-time (7.45am) for your groups departure (8.15am), we will not hold the group up for late arrivals. If you miss the bus, you'll need to make your own way there.



Your child shouldn't need any formal identification for any of the official activities, but they should try to have some form of picture I.D to produce when requested by the Chestnut Hill Security. Even a copy of the picture page in their passport will be fine.



Players should pack "smart", don't over-pack, the packing list is included in this email....there are laundry facilities, so please pack accordingly. The players will be carrying their own bags to and from the dorms, so over packing will be adding to their physical exertion!



We would advise you to bring enough training gear and casual clothes to last for the whole trip. There are laundry facilities at the university, if you wish to do your own laundry you may do so.


After each game the staff and chaperones will help the group make arrangements to wash the team’s uniforms. Please make sure that your shorts and socks are labeled with an indelible marker and you bring a "small laundry net" to hold your gear together and allow for the quick re-distribution of uniforms.


Cell Phones

Players will be able to carry cell phones but their use will be somewhat limited due to the hectic nature of the trip. 


The vast majority of the trip has been accounted for in the overall cost. As the trip is highly intensive from a soccer perspective additional money for spending should be limited. There is absolutely no need for the players to carry a large amount of money.



The group will travel to Chestnut Hill College by bus (Stouts Transportation, NJ). They will use a large air conditioned bus. Seasoned soccer tour veterans advise that you have a pillow on board the bus with you to add to your comfort!


Players may bring videos or DVDs to be seen on the bus. No “R” rated movies will be allowed and the coaching staff will have the right to veto any movie selection!


The team coaches/admins will ensure that the team has sufficient food and water/Gatorade etc throughout the tour. There will be iced water at the fields during practice and games. In addition players should bring a water bottle to fill up in the cafeteria prior to departing to the fields to keep them hydrated.


Team Admin - Most groups collect a small team fund ($20 - $30 per person) to allow them to purchase shared supplies for the group, such as drinks, snacks and any additional food later in the evening etc…..your team administrators will organize this prior to the group leaving, and give to the coaches on the morning of departure.


Friday Post Training Camp Plan

We are going to bring all players back to Long Island on the afternoon of Friday July 19th. We are going to leave Chestnut Hill after lunch (around noon) so we get a jump on traffic and get the kids hopefully back to Soccer Park between 3.00pm – 4.00pm. We are aware that the Boys could possibly be attending a tournament in NJ that weekend, but took the decision to bring everyone back to LI together as we need to finalize tour planning, logistics and pricing.


Parent Information

If you wish to join the group at some point you need to make your own arrangements. There are a number of hotels within 10-15 minutes of the school. 


You will not be able to join the group on the transportation to the various scheduled events, but you will be able to watch the activities if you wish. If you intend to go watch a game or two then please call the staff or your child on the day of the game to check the location/Kick off details...….they have been known to change occasionally and it’s a long way to go to the wrong field!


We believe we have covered most eventualities, but as ever there will be something that crops up to challenge us…..please be patient if this happens, as we want this tour to go as smoothly as you do!

LIJSL PDP and ourselves will distribute some phone contact information just prior to departure. This will include staff/chaperone cell numbers for use in an emergency. 


I am adding my cell number to this email now so you have it. It is for emergency use only - not to check scrimmage scores! 


Wayne Fortino, Quest Sports Travel Cell Number: 516.972.0055

During Office hours call the regular office numbers: Wayne - 516.541.1775 or Robin - 516.270.2022


The coaches/chaperones who will tour with the team will serve as your point of contact for any important messages. Typically, players tend to all have cell phones these days, so you can reach your child directly if necessary. Please remember they will be very busy each day so getting a return call/text might be difficult or later in the evening.


Please ensure your administrator has your child's cell phone number (if they have one). Please ensure you have received from the administrator an "Emergency Contact Number". 


Once again - if necessary you can reach Wayne from Quest Sports Travel on 516-972-0055 this is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY! He will not be with the group, but will have contact numbers of staff on site.

Chestnut Hill College  (http://www.chc.edu/directions/)

The Dorms at Chestnut Hill College, PA will be used for accommodation - The players will be staying in Fitzsimmons Hall. The players will be sharing a room with a teammate in a 2-person college dorm room (we can make a 3-person room to accommodate odd numbers). The boys and girls will be separated into different floors or “wings” of the dorm. The Dorm rooms are air-conditioned.


Linen is NOTprovided so players need to bring with them one base sheet, one top sheet, one/two blankets, one pillow, one pillow case and towels - a lightweight sleeping bag would be fine - The beds at Chestnut Hill are regular twin sized beds.


The Dorms are typical school dorms.....they have a T.V room and a social lounge. Please remind your child that at no point are they permitted to be on a floor or in a dorm other than their own, unless specifically instructed to do so by a staff member. The staff/chaperones will be housed in the dorms with the players.


Room Assignments 

No player will be allowed to have a single room so you should expect to share. Your team administrator in discussion with the team coaches will make the room assignments prior to arrival.


Room Key

Each player will receive a room key. A "Key Deposit" is needed for each traveler. Please provide a check made out to “Chestnut Hill College" for $25.00.


Give this check to your team administrator when you drop your children off for departure or before at practice. The team administrator will give the checks to the coaches to bring with them.


The check will be returned when the room key is returned at check out. If the room key is lost or not returned then the deposit will be used to replace the room key/lock housing etc....please don't lose the key!



No player will be allowed away from the group at any time during the tour.


There will be a team meeting at the end of each evening after which there will be a curfew all players must then retire to their rooms.


We do not recommend that you bring IPod’s, PSP’s or other valuable devices, we will be moving around a bit and the opportunity to lose things will be immense, but it's your choice.

Please ensure the coaches/chaperones are aware of any medical/food issues your child might have prior to departure. We will have Athletic Trainers in attendance for the training sessions and the scrimmage matches.


Traveling on the tour to assist the coaches with supervision of the boys and girls will be one of the girls’ parents Kari-Ann Kelly. She will be staying in the girl’s dorm and will chaperoning the girls and keeping an eye on the kids during the tour.


Heat Related Issues

Occasionally the weather can get hot during the day, and The LIJSL PDP staff will make any decisions regarding whether or not the group will participate in sessions if the heat is excessive.

Suggested Packing List

Please do not over pack you are part of a sports team on tour not an entrant into a reality TV fashion show....You will have 4 days of soccer, training and playing two to three times each day.......


10 sets of Shorts & Soccer/T-Shirts                                     

10 pairs of athletic socks      

1 Soccer Ball                         

1 Water bottle                 

1 Pair of cleats                                     

1 Pair of indoor sneakers and (we could train/play on turf)

1 Pair of running sneakers                      

1 warm up jacket or windbreaker                                           

1 Sweat suit

10 sets underwear

Swim Suit

Shin guards


1 Pair Pajamas

1 Pillow 

1 base sheet

1 top sheet

1-2 blankets

1 pillow cover

Limited amount of Casual clothes

All LIJSL PDP uniforms


Sun Screen

Fan - if desired (but not needed)

Phone Charger

Laundry Net - to hand your cloths in for washing


Once again the beds are REGULAR Twin sized beds.


Just another reminder to everyone again:  bring bedding, pillows, and towels.