2019 East Meadow SC Riptide

New York / New England College Experience

July 22nd - July 26th, 2019

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Terms and Conditions Summary East Meadow SC Riptide will travel on the NY / New England College Experience from July 22nd- July 26st, 2019. This 5 day / 4 night tour has been developed by Quest Sports Travel and quoted on December 6th, 2018

Estimated Tour Cost 16 Players / 4 Adults = $641 per person

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Initial Deposit = $150.00 per person due: February 4, 2019

Progress Payment 1 = $163.67 per person due: March 4, 2019

Progress Payment 2 = $163.67 per person due: April 22, 2019

Final Balance = To be announced due: June 10, 2019

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$350.00 penalty plus the cost of protection plan, if purchased = Cancel after 04/21/19 but before 05/23/19

No refund = Cancel after 05/22/19

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Plan Options 

360º Student Group Premier Plan = Youth Group plan requires a minimum of 10 group members and a ratio of 80% youths (under 25) to 20% adults. The Travel Protection cost for this plan is $36 per person. Only players traveling alone should select this option.

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Monday July 22nd, 2019

Meet time:7.45am/ Departure time: 8.15am
Meet behind Lord & Taylor Department Store in Garden City NY
Address: 1200 Franklin Avenue, Garden City NY 11530 

Destination OneFordham University 
Arrival time: 9.45am / Departure time: 12.30pm
Activity: The coaches will do a Training Session, Q & A and show the kids around the campus.

Lunch: In the cafeteria at Fordham.

Destination Two: SUNY New Paltz
Arrival Time: 2.00pm / Departure Time: 3.15pm
Activity: Campus Tour with Associate AD

Destination Three: Mount Saint Mary College
Arrival Time: 3.45pm / Departure Time: 6.00pm
Activity: Training/Tour and Q&A with Head Coach and 4 current players

Dinner: In local restaurant in Newburgh

Accommodation: Holiday Inn Express Fishkill-Mid Hudson Valley

Location: 21 Schuyler Blvd, Fishkill NY 12524
Contact: 845.896.4001


Tuesday July 23rd, 2019

Breakfast is in the Hotel. It’s a hot breakfast that includes Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and cereals etc etc…

Departure Time: 8.15am

Destination One: Bard College
Arrival Time: 9.15am / Departure Time: 10.15am
Activity: Tour and Q&A with Head Coach

Destination Two: RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Arrival Time: 11.30am / Departure Time: 1.00pm
Activity: Tour and Q&A with Head Coach

Lunch: At RPI in the student union

Destination Three: Union College
Arrival Time: 1.45pm / Departure Time: 3.00pm
Activity: Tour and Q&A with Head Coach

Destination Four: University of Albany
Arrival Time: 4.00pm / Departure Time: 5.00pm
Activity: Tour with Assistant Coach and/or player – TBC (if not self-guided tour) 

Accommodation: SpringHill Suites Albany
Location: 8 California Ave, Albany NY 12205
Contact: 518.724.7999
Arrival Time: 5.45pm

Dinner: Dave & Busters is located nearby (1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203)


Wednesday July 24th, 2019

Breakfast is in the Hotel. It’s a hot breakfast that includes Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and cereals etc etc…

Departure time: 8:00am

Destination OneAmerican International College
Arrival Time: 9.45am / Departure Time: 12.45pm
Activity: Training Session and Tour/Q&A with HC

Lunch: Pre-ordered from local deli.

Destination TwoSpringfield College
Arrival Time: 1.00pm / Departure Time: 2.00pm
Activity: Tour and Q&A with Soccer Staff Member

Destination Three: Assumption College
Arrival Time: 3.00pm / Departure Time: 4.00pm
Activity: Tour and Q&A with HC

Accommodation: Crown Plaza, Natick
Location: 1360 Worcester Street, Natick MA 01760
Contact: 508.653.8800
Arrival Time: 5.00pm

Dinner – Natick Mall: 1245 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760

Return to hotel after Dinner/Mall visit


Thursday July 25th, 2019

Breakfast is in the Hotel. It’s a hot breakfast that includes Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and cereals etc etc…

Departure Time: 9:00am

Destination OneWellesley College
Arrival Time: 10.30am / Departure Time: 11.45am
Activity: Tour and Q&A with assistant coach

Destination TwoBabson College
Arrival Time: 12.15pm / Departure Time: 2.00pm
Activity: Tour and Q&A with Assistant Coach

Lunch: In the cafeteria at Babson College

Destination Three: Harvard University
Arrival Time: 2.45pm/Departure around 4.15pm
Activity: Campus Tour with Trademark Tours

Destination Four: Downtown Boston, for sightseing and dinner

Accommodation: Crowne Plaza, Natick 
Arrival Time: TBA – with the driver


Friday July 26th, 2019

Breakfast is in the Hotel. It’s a hot breakfast that includes Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and cereals etc etc…

Departure Time: 8:15am

Destination One: Johnson & Wales College (Providence/Downtown/Harborside Campus)
Arrival Time: 9.30am / Departure Time: 12.45pm
Activity: Training, Tour and Q&A with Head Coach

Lunch: Pre-ordered from a local Deli

Destination TwoBryant University
Arrival Time: 1.15pm / Departure Time: 3.15pm
Activity: Training, Tour and Q&A with Assistant Coach

Destination ThreeFairfield University,
Arrival Time: 4.30pm / Departure Time: 5.30pm
Activity: Campus Tour and Q&A with Head Coach

Drop Off: Lord & Taylor Department Store in Garden City NY
Address: 1200 Franklin Avenue, Garden City NY 11530
Arrival – will depend on traffic…group will text when crossing the bridge onto LI

July 22nd

Fordham University (training)

SUNY New Paltz

Mt. Saint Mary College (training)


July 23rd

Bard College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Union College

University of Albany


June 24th

American International College (training)

Springfield College

Assumption College


June 25th

Wellesley College

Babson College

Harvard University


June 26th

Johnson and Wales University (training)

Bryant University (training)

Fairfield University


While on the college tours the players will have plenty of time to ask questions about the soccer program and the school they are visiting. My advice for this is to prep your daughter to ask as many questions as she can! Some questions to ask…

School Related:

a) What’s the average SAT score for this school..?

b) Is there a field that is very strong at this University (areas of expertise that the school is well known for)..?

c) How many students at the school…?

d) What percentage commute...how many would live on campus..?

e) What is the average class size…?


Soccer Related:

1) How many players do you typically keep on your roster..?

2) Do you travel with everyone in the squad or only a certain number of your squad..?

3) How would you describe your style of play, what sort of player do you look to recruit..?

4) What type of fitness assessment do you do…? Player requirements…?

5) How many players are you looking to recruit in a particular year (ask about your graduation year!)

6) What happens if I commit to a school and then change my mind…?

7) What happens if I get injured - what would happen to my scholarship if I had one..?

8) What are your long term goals for this program, are looking to stay here or move on..?


We're pretty sure that answers most questions we've been asked, and gives you a good feel for what the kids are up to. If you want to chat with Wayne about the trip give him a call or speak with him on Monday morning.

Holiday Inn Express Fishkill-Mid Hudson Valley (July 22nd)
Location: 21 Schuyler Blvd, Fishkill NY 12524
Contact: 845.896.4001


SpringHill Suites Albany (July 23rd)
Location: 8 California Ave, Albany NY 12205 –
Contact: 518.724.7999


Crown Plaza, Natick (July 24th & 25th)
Location: 1360 Worcester Street, Natick MA 01760
Contact: 508.653.8800


All three of the hotels are ideally suited for the group. The players are accommodated 2 per room (one 3 person room) and the rooming has already been sent over to the hotel.

All the information you need to know about the East Meadow Riptide College Tour should be in the itinerary, but if it’s not please reach out to Wayne Fortino

Please note the itinerary is always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. A great deal of work has been done to ensure we have the very best possible experience for the players and we don't anticipate any major deviations from this schedule. That said we will send out an updated version if the need arises. 

Wayne will review the itinerary with Kelly, Rob and Lori and provide them with a “coaches version” which has a much more detailed outline of the tour so they know the exact logistics down to the last minute! 

Wayne will meet the girls when they depart on Monday morning. He will speak with the group on the bus and go over the tour with the participants! He will also wait after the bus has departed to answer any questions and discuss any aspects with the tour with interested parents. 

Wayne will not be traveling with the group but his cell number is listed on the "Emergency Contacts" tab in case you need to reach him. Your point of contact will be your child who can give you the latest most up to date information or you can reach out to Lori Jioia.


Meet in the parking lot BEHIND Lord & Taylor Department Store in Garden City at 7.45am on Monday July 22nd - departure is 8.15am.

Address: 1200 Franklin Avenue, Garden City NY 11530

The group will travel by bus (Stouts Transportation, NJ). They will use either a 38,45 or 55 seat air conditioned bus. Seasoned soccer tour veterans advise that you have a pillow on board the bus with you to add to your comfort


We've done this long enough to know that it could always change - that’s just how it goes! But for now it looks great and everything listed on the itinerary is exactly as stated.

We have a mixture of Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches and a couple players involved in showing the girls around, as well as an Associate AD which should give the girls a really unique perspective when making some decisions on which schools they would like to pursue further down the road. 

There are 5 training sessions in the itinerary:

Monday - Morning (Fordham) and Afternoon (Mount St. Mary’s)
Tuesday - School Visits (Rest Day)
Wednesday - Morning Session (AIC)
Thursday - School Visits (Rest Day)
Friday - Morning (Christopher Newport) and Afternoon (Bryant)

There are 16 total schools visited for Tours and Q&A's: 

Fordham; New Paltz; Mt. St. Mary's; Bard; RPI, Union, SUNY Albany (*waiting for confirmation); AIC; Springfield; Assumption; Wellesley; Babson; Harvard; Johnson & Wales; Bryant; Fairfield



While on the tour the group will eat breakfast at the hotel - hot and/or cold breakfast is included. They will eat pre-ordered sandwiches for lunch or in school cafeteria’s. I will collect the lunch orders on Monday morning before they depart and order ahead.


They will eat dinner in a number of locations a short drive from the hotels. We picked some places that have a  wide selection of food options. If the food is not prepaid ahead of time, then the chaperones will give the players $20 cash to purchase dinner. This way the girls get more input into what they eat and it’s much more flexible in terms of timings - we are now not tied to a reservation if we spend a little more time on a school visit or get stuck in traffic!


I would suggest you send your child with a small case of Water or Gatorade to pack on the bus so she has a supply to keep hydrated throughout the tour.


IMPORTANT: If your child has any type of food allergies then please make Rob, Kelly and Lori aware and inform them of how you’d like this to be handled during the tour.



Some schools request paperwork to be completed prior to campus visits/training sessions, some don’t!


At this point there’s nothing to be completed, but if that changes I will be in touch. Currently, there are no Medical paperwork requirements from our side but if your child has medication needs please reach out to Rob, Kelly and Lori prior to departure, so they are aware.



The players do not need to bring loads of cash as all meals are covered but they might like to purchase something from one of the school bookshops and maybe get a snack etc…so a small amount of cash would be fine. It’s up to you how much additional money you would like to give them.



The East Meadow Riptide Staff and the chaperones will set the standards expected of the girls in terms of how they are expected to behave. I always remind the group that we want to ensure we give future East Meadow players the opportunity to take one of these tours so they need to ensure we’re invited back! Players are not allowed to be on their own at any point during the tour - they must remain with at least one team mate at all times. Players will be responsible for any damaged or broken items caused during the tour. Please speak to your child about their responsibilities and what’s expected in terms of behavior.



You are welcome to stop in and see the girls if you feel you would like to. In truth it isn’t a tour that’s designed to have parents tour around with the kids as its more about them taking some responsibility for their future college search! The group is pretty busy throughout the day, and will be getting back to the hotel later each evening but if you wish to catch up then feel free to let the Staff you are planning on dropping in. Please note that you will be unable to travel on the bus as legally your not part of the group and as such we’re not insured to transport you. We can provide you with directions if needed.

Lori Jioia – 732.713.1951 (Parental Chaperone - traveling with the group)

Kelly Wright: 516.468.0589 (Chaperone/Team Coach - traveling with the group)

Wayne Fortino: 516.972.0055c (Quest Sports Travel – not with the group)

7/22: Holiday Inn Express Fishkill-Mid Hudson Valley - Fishkill NY 12524 - 845.896.4001

7/23: SpringHill Suites Albany- Albany NY 12205 – 518.724.7999

7/23 & 24: Crown Plaza, Natick MA 01760 - 508.653.8800

We don’t anticipate doing laundry on the tour due to the fairly packed schedule, so players should aim to bring enough gear to last for the whole trip. That said please do not over pack, you are part of a sports team on tour not an entrant into a reality TV fashion show….!

You will be away for 5 days with 5 training sessions. A suggested packing list might look like this – but pack what you feel is appropriate as your carrying it J

10 sets of Shorts & Soccer/T-Shirts                                               
10 pairs of athletic socks      
1 Soccer Ball                         
Water bottle                                                        
1 Pair of indoor sneakers and outdoor cleats  (we will train/play on turf or grass)
1 Pair of running sneakers                                  
1 warm jacket or windbreaker                                                           
2 Sweat suit
10 sets underwear
Swim Suit 
Shin guards
1 set of sleepwear
Casual clothes - we are eating out for dinner (not fancy - smart casual!)
Sun Screen