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2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip



Please read and familiarize yourself with the 2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip Terms & Conditions before registering, as you will need the information contained therein (i.e. upgrade options) to choose which version of the Trip you are registering for.

1. Click HERE to Register.
If the link doesn’t work, paste the following into your browser:

If you already have an account, please log-in and proceed to step 4.
If you are creating a new account, proceed to step 2.

2. Enter your contact details, and click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.

3 (a). To register yourself, click on “Same as Primary Contact” box.

3 (b). You may register up to a maximum of three people for the Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip.  If registering for more than yourself, click "Add Another Participant" and continue the process until all travelers are entered.  When you have completed registering yourself/others, go to bottom of page and click "Next".

4. Available Programs Page

Scroll down the list of Programs until you see 2015 LFC Istanbul Reunion Trip.  There are 4 listings for the Trip, depending on whether you want any of the upgrades being offered (See Terms & Conditions).  Please select the version which you are registering for.

5. Shopping Cart

Page should list the 2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip for every person you have registered.  Verify and click on “Next”.

6. Additional Participant Information

Enter all the required information, including whether selecting any Package Options, and click on “Next” when done.

7. Checkout

(a). Registration Summary: verify that information is correct.

(b). Payment Type: Select payment method.

(c). Payment Options: Select either Pay in Full or Payment Plan for each individual who is registering.

(d). If paying by credit card, enter your credit card details, and the Billing Information, and click “Submit Order”. If you selected the Payment Plan option, you will need to pay the remaining balance according to the Schedule in the 2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip Terms & Conditions.  Simply log-in to the same Registration site on a subsequent date and enter your credit card information and the amount you are paying.  You must pay in full by May 1, 2015.

(e). If paying by check, then send the check, payable to Quest Sports Travel, to Quest Sports Travel, PO Box 419, Malverne NY  11565.  An overnight mailing address can be provided upon request.  Checks must be received by QST within 72 hours of Registration, and before Installment date deadlines.

(f) The price for the 2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip was calculated using round-trip airfare available on February 4, 2015, New York-Manchester, UK, as explained in the Terms & ConditionsYour final cost will be determined when we/you book your flights.  An adjustment to the listed 2015 Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip reflecting the cost of your airfare will be made at the time of airline booking (See Terms & Conditions, 2. Program Price).


If you encounter problems going back to previous pages and changing information, simply go the Shopping Cart, remove the Liverpool Istanbul Reunion Trip and begin again.

Any other questions when registering, please call Robin Lee at 516.270.2022 first, and if unable to reach Robin, call Ken Solomon at 781-929-4113.





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