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Whether a weekend in Paris, or a few days on the Mediterranean coast, there’s something incredibly special about France. The people, the culture, the food – the atmosphere in entirely unique

France Tour Highlights

  • Unrivaled Paris – Climb the Eiffel Tower and wander the Champs Elysees
  • Excursion to the remarkable Versailles in Paris
  • Discover the Alpine life in combination with Switzerland and Italy
  • Marvel in the glamor of Mediterranean resorts Nice and St. Tropez

France Soccer Tour Highlights

  • Ligue 1 professional game tickets
  • Well matched games against local opposition

France Photo Gallery

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Tour Itineraries

NCAA Women's Division II (France & Germany)

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NCAA Women's Division III (France & Germany)

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Boys u16 Summer Select Club Team (France and Gothia Cup)

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Girls u13 Summer Select Club Team (Switzerland, France, Germany & Austria)

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Traveled to England and Ireland in 2010. Heading to NZ and Australia in 2014
John Daly
College of William & Mary
Wiliamsburg, VA
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