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Austria & Switzerland

Dominated by the magnificent Alps, Austria is one of Europe’s most beautiful and friendly destinations – expect your game to be followed by a social event in your opponent’s club house!

Possibly Europe’s most picturesque and exclusive destination, Switzerland combines Alpine beauty with old world charm and a great variety of cultures. A nation composed of Italian, French, German and local elements, Switzerland is an absolute joy to explore

Alpine Europe Tour Highlights

  • cultured Salzburg and historic Vienna
  • the sophistication of Geneva or Zurich
  • some of Europe’s most idyllic landscapes in the Salzkammergut (Austrian Lake District)
  • great tour combinations with Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and the rest of SE Europe

Alpine Europe Soccer Highlights

  • Alpine retreat training camps
  • ‘Red Bull’ experience in Salzburg
  • Club House culture creating extended social occasions after games


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