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Pre-Departure Notes

Airport Departure
- Please arrive 3 hours before your flight
- Feel free to check in, but do not go through Security until you have seen your Head Coach or Team Manager

Baggage / Packing
- Checked baggage allowance is normally 1 bag up to 50 lbs per person. Please refer to your specific airline's website for complete details.
- Also allowed 1carry on and 1 personal item (e.g. purse)
- Players should pack uniform, cleats etc in soccer bag and use that as their carry on
- Packing list on our website (within "My Tour Login") is a reminder list, not a need all list 
- Pack for the duration of your trip trying to avoid doing laundry. 
- Check your favorite weather site for average temperatures / percipitation and pack accordingly

- Hotels offer laundry service but at extortionate rates, so we try to use a laundromat drop off / pick up service when needed 
- With so much activity in such little time it's normally better to simply wash uniforms in the hotel room sink and hang dry
- Parents / guests should not need to do laundry as baggage allowance is easily enough to cover most tour durations

- Voltage is twice as strong in Europe so you need a converter kit (both voltage converter and outlet adaptor). These can be purchased from Best Buy, Target etc. Voltage in other parts of the world varies so do a little research online for other destinations
- Don't need hair dryers as the hotels provide
- Only electronics you should bring are phones, tablets or laptops

- check with your cell phone provider on international plans
- if you don't plan to make many calls simply wait till you get back to the hotel, log on to their wifi, and use free apps such as Skype, Viber or WhatsAP
- turn off data roaming as soon as you step on the plane or you will receive large bills when you get home even if you thought your phone was off

- do not exchange large amounts of cash - it's a security risk, and you get poor exchange rates
- do use your credit, debit and ATM cards the same way you would at home - just be sure to call the card provider before departure to activate it for international use during the travel dates
- using cards gets you a much better exchange rate and smaller transaction fees
- the equivalent of $20 (currently about €18 / £16) per day is enough for lunch and snacks. Apart from that only money required is discretionary spending money
- please don't forget a gratuity for the Tour Manager / Bus Driver. About €15 / £15 per person for the total tour is standard. Your coaches / admin staff will collect at the end of the tour and divide between the two staff members

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