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What is my luggage allowance

The general checked bag rule for TransAtlantic / TransContinental flights is 2 bags weighing up to 50lbs per bag.

If you have an Inter-European flight as part of your tour (e.g. you spend a few days in London then fly to Sweden for the Gothia Cup) the TransAtlantic rules apply on those flight legs too

Airlines do occassionally change their policies though so it's always best to consult your airline's website before beginning to pack

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Should I pay with cash or credit cards when on tour?

It is always a good idea to change a small amount of money into local currency before you travel. $100 converted in GB pounds, Euros etc should be more than enough to see you through the first day. You can do this conversion at your regular bank, but do it at least 1 week before departure

We do not recommend using the Bureau de Change desks at the airport. Their exchange rates are terrible and you will pay uneccessary high commission rates.

Once in your destination country you can use your ATM card just as you do at home. Or you can pay with debit / credit cards in virtually every store. You will pay a small fee to your card company each time, but its much safer and more convenient than traveling with large amounts of foreign cash

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What currency do I need?

Argentina = Argentine Peso

Australia = Australian $

Austria = Euro
Barbados = US $
Belgium = Euro

Brazil = Brazilian Real

Costa Rica = US $

France = Euro

Germany = Euro

Holland = Euro Italy, 

Ireland = Euro

Italy = Euro

New Zealand = NZ $

Spain = Euro

Sweden = Swedish Krona

Switzerland = Swiss Franc

United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) = GB Pounds

United States = US $

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