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2017 GCFC Academic

Proposed Itinerary

Reservation Contract


Additional Info to Supplement the Itinerary

(click the link above to download a PDF document containing the information below)

Tour Departure:
Meet at Locust Valley High School at 7.45am on Thursday July 21st - departure is 8.00am.
My plan is to meet the group when they depart from Locust Valley HS on Thursday morning. I will speak with the group on the bus and go over the tour with the participants! I will also wait after the bus has departed to answer any questions and discuss any aspects with the tour with interested parents. 
I will not be traveling with the group (Kariena will be). That said I have included my cell number below incase you need to reach me. Your point of contact will be your child who can give you the latest most up to date information or you can reach out to Kariena Richards - 516.851.9074c.
Contacts During the tour:
  Kariena Richards: 516.851.9074c (Gold Coast Staff traveling with the group)
  Wayne Fortino: 516.972.0055c (Quest Sports Travel – not with the group)
Attached to this email is the latest version of the itinerary. I’ve done this long enough to know that it could always change - that’s just how it goes! But for now it looks great and everything listed on the itinerary is exactly as stated.
You will notice if you compare this version of the itinerary to the original, we have added a few more school visits, so we now have 13 colleges/Universities that we are visiting as opposed to 10. We have a good mix of Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Current Players who will be meeting the girls and speaking about their respective programs, which should give them a really unique perspective when making some decisions on which schools they would like to pursue further.
There are 4 training sessions on the itinerary. 
To add some realism to the college tour experience the players (and staff) will be housed in air conditioned college dormitory accommodation for the first 2 nights at Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia. Linen and bedding is provided. The school is one we have used numerous times and is an ideal location to sample what a suburban college setting is all about. The players are accommodated 2 per room and the rooming will be sent over to the school ahead of time (Michael Todd/Kariena Richards will base the rooming on parental/player input).
After the first two nights the group will stay one night in hotel accommodation. The Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center (5701 Marinelli Rd, North Bethesda MD 20852 - 301.822.9200). Once again the players will be housed 2 per room.
While on the tour the group will eat breakfast in the cafeteria at Bryn Mawr College or at the hotel - hot/cold breakfast options are available each day. They will eat pre-ordered sandwiches for lunch (I will collect the lunch orders on Thursday morning before they depart). They will eat dinner in the cafeteria at Bryn Mawr and also at a restaurant in Georgetown, down the street from the University.
The players do not need to bring loads of cash as all meals are covered but they might like to purchase something from one of the school bookshops and maybe get a snack etc…so a small amount of cash would be fine. It’s up to you how much additional money you would like to give them. The coaches can always look after additional money.
Security and Behavior:
The Gold Coast Staff will set the standards expected of the girls in terms of how they are expected to behave. I always remind the group that we want to ensure we give future Gold Coast players the opportunity to take one of these tours so they need to ensure we’re invited back! Players are not allowed to be on their own at any point during the tour - they must remain with at least one team mate at all times. Players will be responsible for any damaged or broken items caused during the tour. Please speak to your child about their responsibilities and what’s expected in terms of behavior.
Suggested Packing List
Please do not over pack, you are part of a sports team on tour not an entrant into a reality TV fashion show….!
You will be away for 3 nights/4 days with training sessions on each of the first 3 days. So a suggested packing list might look like this:
5 sets of Shorts & Soccer/T-Shirts                                               
5 pairs of athletic socks      
1 Soccer Ball                         
Water bottle x 2                                                      
1 Pair of indoor sneakers and outdoor cleats  (we will train/play on turf and grass)
1 Pair of running sneakers                                  
1 warm jacket or windbreaker                                                           
1 Sweat suit
8 sets underwear
Swim Suit 
Shin guards
1 or 2 Towels
1 set of sleepwear
Casual clothes - we are eating out for dinner (not fancy - smart casual!)
Sun Screen
Parent Visits:
You are welcome to stop in and see the girls if you feel you would like to. In truth it isn’t a tour that’s designed to have parents tour around with the kids as its more about them taking some responsibility for their future college search! The group is pretty busy throughout the day, but if you wish to catch up then feel free to let the Gold Coast Staff you are planning on dropping in. Please note that you will be unable to travel on the bus as legally your not part of the group and as such we’re not insured to transport you. We can provide you with directions if needed.
College Visits:
While on the college tours the players will have plenty of time to ask questions about the soccer program and the school they are visiting. My advice for this is to prep your daughter to ask as many questions as she can! You guys are very fortunate to have the staff that you do traveling with the group. Kariena played college soccer at Hofstra, will be able to help the girls ask some questions. Some suggested questions to ask…
a) School Related:
1) What’s the average SAT score for this school..?
2) Is there a field that is very strong at this University (areas of expertise that the school is well known for)..?
3) How many students at the school…?
4) What percentage many would live on campus..?
5) What is the average class size…?
b) Soccer Related:
1) How many players do you typically keep on your roster..?
2) Do you travel with everyone in the squad or only a certain number of your squad..?
3) How would you describe your style of play, what sort of player do you look to recruit..?
4) What type of fitness assessment do you do…? Player requirements…?
5) How many players are you looking to recruit in a particular year (as about your graduation year!)
6) What happens if I commit to a school and then change my mind…?
7) What happens if I get injured - what would happen to my scholarship if I had one..?
8) What are your long term goals for this program, are looking to stay here or move on..?


Traveled to Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a coed High School group
Shane Flanagan
Waldorf School of Garden City
Garden City, NY


Boys u16 team traveled to England
Flemming Pederson
Montgomery United SC
North Wales, PA

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