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2014 LIJSL PDP B01

Final Itinerary PDF To Download


Additional Information to Supplement the Itinerary

(click the link above to download a Word document containing the information below)

Please be at Soccer Park on-time (7.45am) for your groups departure (8.15am), we will not hold the group up for late arrivals. If you miss the bus, you'll need to make your own way there.
Your child shouldn't need any formal identification for any of the official activities, but they should try to have some form of picture I.D to produce when requested by the Westtown Security. Even a copy of their passport would be fine.
Players should pack "smart", don't over-pack, the packing list is included in this email....there are laundry facilities please pack accordingly. The players will be carrying their own bags to and from the dorms, so over packing will be adding to their physical exertion!
We would advise you to bring enough training gear and casual clothes to last for the whole trip. There are laundry facilities at the university, if you wish to do your own laundry you may do so.


After each game the staff and chaperones will help the group make arrangements to wash the team’s uniforms. Please make sure that your shorts and socks are labeled with an indelible marker and you bring a "small laundry net" to hold your gear together and allow for the quick re-distribution of uniforms.


Cell Phones
Players will be able to carry cell phones but their use will be somewhat restricted. 


Emergency Contact Information
LIJSL PDP and ourselves will distribute some phone contact information just prior to departure. This will include staff/chaperone cell numbers for use in an emergency. 
I am adding my cell number to this email now so you have it. It is for emergency use only - not to check scrimmage scores! 
Wayne Fortino, Quest Sports Travel: 516.972.0055c (During Office hours call the regular office number - 516.541.1775 or 516.270.2022)
The coaches/chaperones who will tour with the team will serve as your point of contact for any important messages. In the "modern world" all players most likely have cell phones, so you can reach your child if necessary. Please remember they will be very busy each day so getting a return call might be difficult or late in the evening.
Please ensure your administrator has your child's cell phone number. Please ensure you have received from the administrator an "Emergency Contact Number". 
Once again - if necessary you can reach Wayne from Quest Sports Travel on 516-972-0055 this is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY! He will not be with the group, but will have contact numbers of staff on site.


The vast majority of the trip has been accounted for in the overall cost. As the trip is highly intensive from a soccer perspective additional money for spending should be limited. There is absolutely no need for the players to carry a large amount of money.


The group will travel to Chestnut Hill College by bus (Stouts Transportation, NJ). They will use a large air conditioned bus. Seasoned soccer tour veterans advise that you have a pillow on board the bus with you to add to your comfort!


Players may bring videos or DVDs to be seen on the bus. No “R” rated movies will be allowed and the coaching staff will have the right to veto any movie selection!
Accommodation - Chestnut Hill College  (
The Dorms at Chestnut Hill College, PA will be used for accommodation - The players will be staying in Fitzsimmons Hall. The players will be sharing a room with a teammate in 2 person college dorm rooms (a 3 person room will be used to accommodate odd numbers). The boys and girls will be separated into different floors or “wings” of the dorm. The Dorm rooms are air-conditioned.
Linen is NOT provided so players need to bring with them one base sheet, one bed cover, one/two blankets, one pillow, one pillow case and towels - a sleeping bag would be fine - The beds at Chestnut Hill are regular twin sized beds.
The Dorms are typical school dorms.....they have a T.V room and a social lounge. Please remind your child that at no point are they permitted to be on a floor or in a dorm other than their own, unless specifically instructed to do so by a staff member. The staff/chaperones will be housed in the dorms with the players. The female staff will be with the girls and the male staff will be in with the boys. 
Room Assignments 
No player will be allowed to have a single room so you should expect to share. Your team administrator in discussion with the team coaches will make the room assignments prior to arrival.
Room Key
Each player will receive a room key. A "Key Deposit" is needed for each traveler. Please provide a check made out to “Chestnut Hill Collegel" for $25.00. Give this check to your parent co-ordinator when you drop your children off for departure or before. The check will be returned when the room key is returned at check out. If the room key is lost or not returned then the deposit will be used to replace the room key/lock housing etc....don't lose the key!


No player will be allowed away from the group at any time during the tour.


There will be a team meeting at the end of each evening after which there will be a curfew all players must then retire to their rooms.


We do not recommend that you bring IPod’s, PSP’s or other valuable devices, we will be moving around a bit and the opportunity to lose things will be immense, but it's your choice.


Please ensure the coaches/chaperones are aware of any medical/food issues your child might have prior to departure.
There will be an athletic trainer in attendance for the training sessions by the Guest Coaches, the LIJSL PDP coaching staff, and the scrimmages each evening. They will not be staying on campus, but they will be available at training and scrimmage times to look after the players.
Heat Related Issues
After much discussion with the LIJSL we moved away from Rider University so that we could utilize a facility with Air Conditioning. Players will have the opportunity to relax in the A/C and possibly use the pool - when the schedule allows. 
Occasionally the weather can get hot during the day, and The LIJSL PDP staff will make any decisions regarding wether or not the group will participate in sessions if the weather is hot.
Suggested Packing List
Please do not over pack you are part of a sports team on tour not an entrant into a reality TV fashion show....You will have 5 days of soccer, training and playing two to three times each day.......


10 sets of Shorts & Soccer/T-Shirts              
10 pairs of athletic socks      
1 Soccer Ball                         
1 Water bottle                                             
1 Pair of indoor sneakers and cleats  (we could train/play on turf)
1 Pair of running sneakers                       
1 warm jacket or windbreaker                         
1 Sweat suit
10 sets underwear
Swim Suit
Shin guards
1 Pair Pajamas
1 Pillow 
1 base sheet
1 top sheet
1-2 blankets
1 pillow cover
Limited amount of Casual clothes
All uniforms
Sun Screen
Fan - if desired
Laundry Net - to hand your cloths in for washing
Once again the beds are REGULAR Twin sized beds
Just another reminder to everyone again:  bring bedding, pillows, and towels.
The team coaches/admins will ensure that the team has sufficient food and water/Gatorade etc throughout the tour. There will be iced water at the fields during practice and games. In addition players should bring a water bottle to fill up in the cafeteria prior to departing to the fields to keep them hydrated.
Most groups collect a small team fund ($10 - $20 per person) to allow them to purchase shared supplies for the group, such as drinks, snacks etc…..your team administrators will organize this prior to departure.
Hotel Meet on Friday
Parents should co-ordinate their hotel arrival with the chaperones, not Quest. The girls group will be aiming to arrive at the hotel around 5.00pm/5.30pm and the boys around 5.30pm/6.00pm.
Parent Information
If you wish to join the group at some point you need to make your own arrangements. There are a number of hotels within 10-15 minutes of the school. 
You will not be able to join the group on the transportation to the various scheduled events, but you will be able to watch the activities if you wish. If you intend to go watch a game or two then please call the staff or your child on the day of the game to check the location/Kick off details...….they have been known to change occasionally and its a long way to go to the wrong field!



Utes traveled to Argentina and Uruguay
Rich Manning
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT


Traveled to Barcelona and Madrid
Nikki Izzo-Brown
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV


One of Quest's oldest friends and colleagues
Drayson Hounsome
Rider University
Lawrenceville, NJ

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